What Is The Best Way To Say Goodbye To a Beloved Dog?

What Is The Best Way To Say Goodbye To a Beloved Dog?

Today I'd like to talk about a difficult subject. It's one that all dog lovers must face at one time, as much as I wish they didn't. At some point we must all decide what the best way is to say goodbye to a beloved dog. Or is there even a "best" way at all?

There is no right or wrong method to deal with the loss of a pet. Many options exist, from burials to cremations and less common methods of saying goodbye. However, pet funeral services are becoming more common. Some human funeral homes now offer pet options and recently a dedicated pet funeral home opened in Florida. Read more about Saying Good-Bye: Pet Funerals for Dogs.

I'd like to share some information with you on pet funerals and what they entail. This might be a difficult subject to read about but I hope that this newsletter is helpful. Check out this informative article at Saying Goodbye: Memorializing Your Canine Companion.

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It can be very difficult to lose a special pet. If you have not read it yet, please read The Rainbow Bridge. It is a tribute to pets we have loved and lost.

I hope this helps you say goodbye to a beloved dog.