What is Wheat Gluten?

Our question this week was:

What is Wheat Gluten? I keep hearing about it in the media but don't understand the difference between it and melamine.


Ann Palmer


Hi – thanks for your email. Wheat gluten is the gluten of wheat. Gluten is a protein component contained in wheat and other grains that gives "elasticity" to dough. It is a common ingredient when making bread dough. You can sort of think of the wheat gluten like a flour.

Melamine is a chemical substance that is used to make plastics such as countertops, glue and fabrics. It is not a component of any type of pet food.

Melamine was in the shipment of wheat gluten thus contaminating the wheat gluten. There are tons of unanswered questions from here as to how, why, etc.

Thanks for your question.

Dr. Debra

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