What You Should Know About Fleas

Fleas – that's a real bad word for some folks. Fleas are so annoying. If you have ever had or currently have a pet with fleas – you know exactly w hat I mean.

As if fleabites aren't bad enough, some pets are "flea allergic" – they can develop severe itching with even trivial infestations of fleas (because they are hypersensitive to the antigens in flea saliva). To learn more about this, go to: Flea Allergies in Dogs.

If your dog has a flea allergy, the itching can be treated with antihistamines or even steroids (prescribed by your veterinarian), but the best approach is to kill the flea and prevent its return.

Like all parasites, fleas pose a health hazard to your pet (and to you) – and they can make your dog REALLY miserable. But here's the good news – flea infestations can be treated and prevented. Here's an article with some good information about this. Go to: The Danger of Fleas.

There are some easy ways you can prevent and control fleas. This article will tell you how. Go to: How to Control and Prevent Fleas on Your Dog.

One more thing… Many people ask me, "What is flea dirt?" Flea dirt is a sure sign that your pet has fleas. To find out more, read this short article: What Is Flea Dirt and How Can You Find It.