When can you bathe a puppy?

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Dr. Debra – is 3 months of age to soon to give a bath. I want to bathe her because she has a couple rough patches on her back. Could it just be dry skin?


Kathy Toth


Hi – thanks for your email. Your question was – can you bathe a 3-month-old puppy? The answer is yes you can bath a 12-week-old pup. I’d just make sure that the house is a comfortable temperature and you dry your puppy well so he or she doesn’t get chilled.

If you use a blow dryer – use it with care and make sure you don’t over heat your pup. Keep a hand between you and your puppy as you use a dryer. If it is too warm for you – it is also too warm for your puppy.

Another comforting way to dry a puppy is to use a warm dry towel from the dryer.

This is a good time to be patient with your puppy as you bathe him or her. Give lots of positive reinforcement to help get him accustomed to baths so they are a pleasant experience later (and easy for you to do).

This article may be useful to you – Bathing Your Puppy.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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