Why are Chinese ingredients being used in pet foods?

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Why are ANY imports from China still being used in foods? I do not have a story to tell I clicked the link to e mail you and ask a question or how this food contamination has affected me. Thankfully I have not been personally involved but when I read currently 100% of vegetable proteins imported from China are being tested for melamine it really disturbs me that ANY pet food manufacturer anywhere would still use any product at all imported from China.

I always thought the USA was the food producer of the world especially in the mid west, why do we import anything from China of all places? And now they are going to give them another chance to come up with another toxin? They are very smart people and are not that stupid to try again with Melamine especially now they know we screen for it! But they are also very evil especially when it comes to treatment of animals and peoples pets, I can not believe this country would be so stupid to import anything food related from China anymore!Its obvious this country doesn't care about its people and the pain and grief they are going through either, just the almighty dollar. Finally in this time of panic and distrust and the need to be ever vigilant can you recommend ANY cat food available anyplace in this country that is absolutely guaranteed to not have any thing from China or imported ingredients in it? I read only 2% of pet foods are recalled but can you list a single food that is truly nutritious and absolutely safe and not involved in any way with any of the companies involved in this recall tragedy? I for one would pay any price to ensure I am not harming my pets and I know many others would too especially reading the forums! Can anyone name just ONE Company that meets this requirement meaning absolutely safe and nutritious? Not made with garbage?

AJ Hubeny – Windsor, CT


Hi – thanks for your email. You bring up some very good points. I suspect many of the answers to your questions come down to money. Doesn't it always?

As far as foods that don't carry ANY imported ingredients…to be honest – I'm not 100% sure. It is also hard to "prove" where the ingredients come from.

Even pet owners that want to make their own food – who knows where the local grocery store brand flour comes from as well as any other ingredient.

I'll look around for an answer to your question – is there any companies making high quality food that is being safely tested, AAFCO approved, nutritious, consistent with only domestic product.

Do any of you other readers know of anyone with 100% certainty?


Dr. Debra

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