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Why is My Dog Scratching Again? – Chronic Itching and Biting

Why is My Dog Scratching Again? – Chronic Itching and Biting

Uh oh…the dog’s scratching again. The first time it happened you assumed that it was fleas. But after treatments with a flea preventative, a good brushing, and maybe even a trip to the groomer, your dog kept scratching – and you were left wondering what was going on.
Why would your dog scratch if not for fleas?

Simply put, it’s almost certainly something else that’s causing the behavior. In some cases of chronic itching or biting, you may find that your canine friend is suffering from a skin condition called pruritus. Learn more about this common issue here: Pruritus (Itchiness) in Dogs.

If your dog is not suffering from pruritus, it could very well be allergic dermatitis, another common skin condition. To learn about allergic dermatitis, check out Allergic Dermatitis in Dogs.

Of course, the very best choice will be to visit your vet. In some cases your veterinarian will decide that an allergy test is the best thing for your dog. This sounds scary, but it’s actually a relatively simple process that yields a lot of information about your dog. For more information on allergy testing, go here: Allergy Testing in Dogs.

Resolving the issue can take several weeks. In the meantime, take care to keep your dog comfortable and otherwise happy. Your dog will really appreciate it!