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Yes, Dogs Eat Glue (And It’s A Very Serious Problem)

Pets can get into the strangest things. As a veterinarian, I see it all the time. Here’s the problem. As pet parents, we KNOW that we should keep dangerous things out of our pet’s reach … but what if we don’t know that something is dangerous?

Lately, I’ve seen an increasing number of dogs suffer serious consequences from ingesting a seemingly “harmless” item that is found in many of our homes. And because this problem is becoming so common, I want to bring it to your attention today. Hopefully this warning will help keep your dog safe.

The dangerous item I’m talking about is a certain type of water-activated glue that goes by the brand names Gorilla Glue®, Probond®, Titebond® and Ultimate Polurethane Glue® among others. When dogs eat this type of glue the results could be disastrous.

Here’s what happens. The glue is activated in the dog’s stomach. This type of glue expands when it comes into contact with water. So the glue becomes a rock-hard mass that cannot be digested, vomited or passed through the digestive system. The only option is surgical removal.

As I said, this emergency situation is becoming more and more common. One weekend, we treated two dogs with this problem. That’s why you need to be aware of the dangers and take the necessary precautions to make sure that it doesn’t happen to your dog.

Dogs are naturally curious. They get into a lot of things that they shouldn’t. And glue is just one of many household substances that can be toxic or dangerous to dogs. So please be aware of your environment and help prevent a serious emergency like this one.

I hope this helps to keep your dog safe.