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Choosing a Snapper

Snappers are a large group of predatory fish in the Lutjanidae family found around coral reefs and tropical seas. Some can reach sizes of more than 3 feet in length. In nature, they feed on small animals such as smaller fish and invertebrates like shrimp. They usually hunt at night, although species such as the yellowtail snapper, common in the Caribbean, roam the reef during the day as well.

Like grouper, snappers are generally not the easiest fish to keep because of their odd habits and incompatibility with – or appetite for – other fish. Many species can adapt well as juveniles but they grow quickly and need lots of space. They are generally schooling fish and can be kept only in large tanks with fish that are the same size or bigger since anything smaller will eventually become dinner.

Varieties of Snapper

Only a few of these species are suitable for a home aquarium.