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Should You Feed Your Fish Live Food?

Why bother with live food? With all the various kinds of prepared flake fish food available, it would seem your fish could get a balanced diet without resorting to raising worms or flies. The answer is that you can maintain a healthy aquarium on prepared foods, but that varying the fish’s diet with live food can enhance color, activity, and breeding success.

For the very newly hatched fish, live food is absolutely necessary. Then, too, if you feed your fish food that will live in the aquarium, the chances of overfeeding become less. And if you’re willing to take the time to maintain cultures of living species, it will cost less.

The maintenance, of course, is also one of the downsides – as is the yuck factor in dealing with picking the worms out of rotting culture media, and the chance that some of the creatures you raise might carry a disease or parasite into the tank.

Cheap, Easy and Clean

Clean But Difficult

Yucky and Difficult