What Do Bubbles in My Fish Tank Mean?

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In the wild, bodies of water have currents that bring oxygen into the water. You need a way to create the same type of movement in your aquarium. As your fish take in oxygen from the water, they release carbon dioxide. A fish tank air pump creates bubbles that remove undesirable gases from the water. Wands and air stones create streams of bubbles that make your aquarium look pretty, too. As the bubbles break on the surface, the water absorbs oxygen from the environment. Horizontal tanks that allow for greater surface area make it possible for the water to absorb more oxygen. However, it’s worth noting that tall, narrow tanks often don’t provide enough surface area to support many fish.

The filter in your tank can also help with aeration. As it agitates the water, the surface of the tank is disturbed enough to absorb oxygen from the air. Filters also cycle the water from the bottom of the tank to the top, where it can absorb oxygen. Filters can create dead spots in the tank as well, and some people prefer to combine filters with power heads to avoid this problem.

Your Beautiful Aquarium

Even the most well-maintained fish tank will always have some bubbles. Think of bubbles as a sign that your fish are getting enough oxygen. As a proud fish owner, you should always strive to provide them with an optimal living environment that utilizes proper aeration and bubblers. Above all else, make sure that you’re cleaning your fish tank appropriately and regularly testing the water for toxic chemicals. An aquarium that’s in good shape will keep your fish healthy and happy for a long time to come.


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