A Guinea Pig celebrating Thanksgiving.

10 Pets We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

These pets are gonna have a gourd time!

1. @uglyuglycats

Should we ask him if he’s thankful for his human this year?

2. @paisley.the.frenchton

You’ll always be my gravy.

3. @wilmaisahedgehog

Hey there, cutie pie.

4. @remyaroundtheworld

Can’t nobody tell me stuffin’!

5. @yo_.ko

Zero plucks given.

6. @brandythebunny2011

Everybunny loves my cooking.

7. @aretha_queenofsoul

Gobble ‘til you wobble.

8. @caboosethecatofficial

Feast your eyes on this.

9. @noodlessoba

Everyday is leg day.

10. @gladwyne_animal_hospital

Love at first bite.