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The Best Pet Themed Holiday Movies

When the holidays roll around, it’s the perfect time to find a good movie, a warm blanket, and a snuggly pet to enjoy a peaceful winter evening with. Whether you plan on watching a holiday pet movie with just your pet, or with your whole family, the movies we’ve placed on our list are sure to please even the pickiest of viewers. We love spreading holiday cheer to our readers and their pets, so from our PetPlace family to yours, happy holidays!

The Top 7 Pet Themed Holiday Movies

1. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This time we’re talking about the 2000 live-action version of Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The original 1966 version is very nice as well, and we highly recommend that you watch it at some point during the holiday season.Everyone knows the tale of how the grinch stole Christmas. Follow along as the Grinch and his trusted dog Max steal Christmas from all the Whos down in Whoville who are busy being caught up in the Christmas season and dreaming sweet dreams without care. It only takes one little girl, miss Cindy Lou Who to make a whole town realize that maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more.

2. An All Dogs Christmas Carol

If you loved All Dogs Go To Heaven, then you and your family are going to love An All Dogs Christmas Carol. Released in 1998, as the title suggests, An All Dogs Christmas Carol is a furrier rendition of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. With the usual cast of characters, including Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, Carface, and some new friends and enemies, our heroes must work hard to keep Carface from using a super dog whistle to enslave every dog and puppy in San Francisco on Christmas. With help from old friends and new, the gang takes on their biggest challenge to date; saving Christmas!

3. The Search for Santa Paws

If you love adorable puppies, then this holiday tail (pun intended) is for you! With the loss of a dear friend, Santa is feeling a bit lonely this Christmas season. Along comes Paws, his new puppy sidekick. But this pup is in for one heck of an adventure. After a routine pre-Christmas trip to New York goes terribly wrong, Paws and his friends must work together to restore Santa’s memory and get him back to the North Pole by Christmas!

4. Santa Buddies

First came Air Bud, then Air Buddies, and now the Christmas time Santa Buddies! Up at the North Pole, Santa Claus and his top dog, Santa Paws, have been hard at work preparing for Christmas. When production slows due to the magical Christmas Icicle beginning to melt, the pair worries that they won’t be able to restore the world’s Christmas spirit before Christmas. Meanwhile, Puppy Paws, the young son of Santa Paws, has been yearning for a way to experience life as a normal pup. Wishing that there was no Christmas and that he could just be a regular dog, Puppy Paws spies one of the Buddies on the naughty list and decides to go out on his own and experience what being a regular puppy is really like. Will Santa and his helpers be able to restore Puppy Paws and the rest of the world’s Christmas spirit in time for Christmas?

5. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

What if there was a town that banned all dogs; no matter what. Welcome to Doverville. After arriving in town to stay with her aunt, Emma O’Connor quickly learns that the town has instigated a strict no-dogs law. Just outside of city limits, a family works to take care of as many dogs as possible, but with the city mayor breathing down their necks the situation quickly becomes dire. Only through a holiday pageant featuring the very thing that the town has banned, dogs, will Emma have a chance to change the minds of the residents of Doverville.

6. Lady and the Tramp

Here’s why we’re counting the Lady and the Trampas a Christmas movie; the movie starts and ends with Christmas. Our tale begins when Mrs. Darling is given Lady as a Christmas present by Mr. Darling. The little Lady soon grows and become friends with her neighborhood pals. Aunt Sarah arrives with her two cats to babysit after Jim Dear and Darling leave town for a few days, and things don’t go well for miss Lady. After a chance encounter with a scrappy street dog, Tramp, Lady is shown a whole new side of life.

7. Olive, the Other Reindeer

Based on the children’s book of the same name, Olive, the Other Reindeer, follows Olive the jack russell terrier as she makes her way to the North Pole to help Santa pull his sleigh for Christmas. Olive isn’t like other dogs, in fact, she’s hardly like a dog at all. After Blitzen becomes injured and can’t help to fly Santa’s sleigh, Santa announces that Christmas will have to be canceled unless all of the other reindeer can help to make his sleigh fly. Feeling lost and like she doesn’t fit in, when Olive mistakes Santa saying he needs “all of the reindeer” as he needs “Olive the other reindeer” she is determined to get to the North Pole and do what she was made for.

Celebrate The Holidays with PetPlace

We love celebrating the holidays with our friends, family, and pets. And we always love to hear how our readers are sharing their holiday joy with the pets in their lives. Leave us a comment down below about how you celebrate the holidays with your pet; we’d love to hear from you. Happy holidays!