A dog and a cat eating together.

Our Favorite Bowls and Feeders for Dogs and Cats

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All pet lovers know that cat food and dog food are serious business. Both online and brick and mortar pet stores are packed with options to suit every palate and budget. It’s easy to forget, however, that selecting food is just one part of feeding your pet. There’s still the process of actually feeding them. While the market for bowls and feeders isn’t quite as crowded as the pet food market, it’s more diverse than you might think. Chewy has dozens of options for optimizing your dog or cat’s mealtime, whatever their dietary needs.

From the traditional to the tech-powered, here are some of our favorite bowls and feeders. Check them out on Chewy’s digital pet care marketplace.

5 Bowls and Feeders for Dogs

5 Bowls and Feeders for Cats

Serve Up Something New

You don’t have to change your pet’s diet to transform their meals. A new bowl or feeder can mean fewer clean-ups, less hassle, and even a healthier cat or dog. Check out more options on Chewy.

Content Sponsored by Chewy, Inc.