Our Favorite Bowls and Feeders for Dogs and Cats

Our Favorite Bowls and Feeders for Dogs and Cats

A dog and a cat eating together.A dog and a cat eating together.
A dog and a cat eating together.A dog and a cat eating together.

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  1. 5 Bowls and Feeders for Dogs
  2. 5 Bowls and Feeders for Cats
  3. Serve Up Something New

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All pet lovers know that cat food and dog food are serious business. Both online and brick and mortar pet stores are packed with options to suit every palate and budget. It’s easy to forget, however, that selecting food is just one part of feeding your pet. There’s still the process of actually feeding them. While the market for bowls and feeders isn’t quite as crowded as the pet food market, it’s more diverse than you might think. Chewy has dozens of options for optimizing your dog or cat’s mealtime, whatever their dietary needs.

From the traditional to the tech-powered, here are some of our favorite bowls and feeders. Check them out on Chewy’s digital pet care marketplace.

5 Bowls and Feeders for Dogs

  • Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl: Mealtime and playtime are one and the same with this best-selling dog bowl. Its maze-like pattern keeps dogs mentally stimulated throughout meals and may discourage indigestion by urging them to eat more slowly. The dog bowl is available in multiple sizes and colors and is dishwasher-safe.
  • PetSafe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Feeder: Dog owners can prepare and schedule a whole week’s worth of meals with this handy feeder. Don’t worry about rushing home for dinner time — just set the timer and fill the feeder to serve your dog a perfectly-portioned meal.
  • Neater Pets Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls: Is your pup a messy eater? Consider this floor and wall-saving set of bowls from Neater Pets. They’re designed with protective walls to contain splashes and a filtering system to keep food and water separate. Different sizes are available to suit breeds from the Dachshund to the Great Dane.
  • Aspen Pet LeBistro Portion Control Programmable Pet Feeder: With this feeder, you can easily help your dog stick to a diet or simply take some hassle out of pet care. Dishing out automatic, portion-controlled meals, the feeder is available with both five and ten-pound storage containers. The container’s pet-safe lid keeps paws out and food fresh.
  • Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl with Carabiner: This portable bowl is perfect for summer vacations, backyard barbeques, or even trips to the dog park. It’s available in four colors and should appeal to any dog lover on-the-go. The dishwasher-safe plastic and silicone makes cleaning a breeze, too.

5 Bowls and Feeders for Cats

  • PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder: This fun, rolling cat feeder can help your pet shed a few extra pounds while enjoying treats or dinner. Simply fill the feeder with up to ⅔ cup of food or treats and let your cat bat it around the room. It will evenly distribute the food and, potentially, help your cat maintain a healthy weight.
  • Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl: Made of dishwasher-safe porcelain, this stylish cat bowl is raised to help reduce neck strain. Senior cats and cats with arthritis will thank you for the purchase. You can even pair it with a matching water bowl.
  • IRIS Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage: Cat parents will love the convenience of this two-in-one pet feeder. In addition to a pair of stainless steel bowls, it includes an airtight container for storing your cat’s meals. It’s an especially great choice if you’re traveling or sharing a small home with a cat.
  • Northmate Catch Interactive Cat Feeder: Another great choice for overweight or over-energetic cats, this interactive feeder stimulates their natural instincts. Sprinkle food over the feeder and watch as your cat picks and hunts through its rubber spikes. The durable feeder is easily cleaned in the dishwasher and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cat Mate C500 Digital 5-Meal Cat Feeder: You’ll never have to wonder if you’ve fed your cat with this automatic feeder. The 1-cup compartments allow pet owners to prepare five meals and schedule them for later. Two ice packs ensure your cat’s food stays fresh and tasty.

Serve Up Something New

You don’t have to change your pet’s diet to transform their meals. A new bowl or feeder can mean fewer clean-ups, less hassle, and even a healthier cat or dog. Check out more options on Chewy.

Content Sponsored by Chewy, Inc.

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