This furry football fan is ready for fall sports.

Furry Football Fans

Gear up with these paw-ssionate pets as they cheer on their favorite football teams!

1. @_newworld_frenchies_

Rootin’ for Team Ruff. How about you?

2. @tank.the.hedgehog

The cutest member of the football team.

3. @kitties.ivan.ivanka

You either love Team Fluff or you’re wrong.

4. @themodernferret

This football game is super-duper cute.

5. @charleston_the_chewookie

Thinking about belly rubs and the end zone.

6. @munchkin_minnie

Football and kitties make the world go ‘round.

7. @theadventuresof3pups

What the pup? That was totally a fumble!

8. @cosettethechinchilla

Which chinchilla is the quarterback?

9. @oskithesheltie

Live, laugh, football.

10. @portraits_of_prickles

I’m pawsitive he’s the MVP.

11. @bennyteddydoggyduo

Put on your game face.

12. @ollie.da.corgo

All about Corgi coverage.