Pet Gift Registries – Pampering Your Pet Just Got Easier

If you’re welcoming a new pet to the family or celebrating a special occasion with your pet, consider making gift giving a little easier and complete a gift registry at your favorite retail pet shop.

When you hear the term gift registry, you’re likely taken back to your most recent memory of a bridal or baby shower. However, specialty retail pet stores are taking the initiative to rework this image with a special pet flare.

Some may find this a little over the top; however in today’s world getting a new pet is a lot like having a baby. You can certainly spend as much money dressing and pampering your new puppy as you could on a real baby. One could also argue that certain pets may require just as much attention and result in life altering events much like a new child would. After all cashmere dog beds and diamond studded cat collars sales are on the rise.

Who Offers Pet Registries?

Pet registries are a rather new and novel idea, but it’s feasible to expect many specialty pet stores to offer this service in the near future. Companies like Moochie and Co. (, Pawpalace ( and HMB-Seattle (, have jumped on the pet pampering band wagon and now offer pet registries throughout their stores and website. You can even have your registry e-mailed to family and friends complete with easy links for purchasing and shipping your pet’s favorite gifts.

What Should We Register For?

Pretty much anything regularly found in the store is available for placement on the registry. Clothing, collars, jewelry, accessories, toys, treats, beds and pet furniture are just a few of the options for your registry pleasure. If you can’t quite decide, why not make it a fun event for your pet and let them browse the store in person and paw-pick their favorite items for registry.

How Can I Give It A Try?

If you’re anxious to try out the registry, consider your next pet birthday the perfect opportunity. It’s easy to find birthday party invitations, order a special cake of your dog or cat’s preferred flavor and host a full-scale pet party extravaganza. The pet registry card can be easily included in the invitation and it’s almost certain that your friends will be so intrigued that they’ll check it out and shower your pet with gifts galore.