Our pets are our favorite Easter bunnies.

Our Favorite Easter Bunnies from Instagram

The Easter Bunny has arrived on social media! Well… sort of. People are dressing up their pets in Easter’s best outfit: a bunny costume. Thanks to Instagram, we all get to partake in the fun. Here are some of our favorite Easter “bunnies.”

JT Catsby Is Ready for Easter on the Ranch

This adorable cowboy Easter Bunny is the best gift you could ever get in a basket.

Kiki la Pomeranianne

Kiki’s take on the Easter bunny look is simple and chic.

Mooooove Over, There’s a New Bunny in Town

Being inspired by the Easter Bunny’s style isn’t limited to just cats and dogs!

The Easter Bunny’s Coming?!

This kitty is so excited to meet his fashion muse this Easter.

Tinkerbell Is Ready for Easter

This sweet pooch and her furry sibling are ready to fill baskets and hide eggs.

Louie the Racoon

Louie knows a rabbit or two, but he’s never met this “Easter Bunny” you speak of.

Easter Glamour

This fluffy kitty brings a touch of beauty to their Easter celebrations.

Some Bunny Is Ready for Easter

This sweet Golden Retriever is so excited for their new Easter toy.

Adorable Easter Bunny and Chicks

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to Easter costumes.

Stormin Norman the Easter Bulldog

This expressive Easter Bunny is ready for filling baskets.

Fashion-Forward Festivities

Clementine steps up the Easter Bunny game with sophisticated glamour.

If you can’t visit the Easter Bunny, bring the Easter bunny to you with these adorable bunny-themed pet costumes. We hope you hop on board with this trend, so we can see more adorable Easter pets ASAP.