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Super Bowl Sunday’s Most Valuable Pets

Let’s get ready to rumble! Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend and these pets are pumped. Whether you are in it for the endless snacks, funny commercials, or you just enjoy watching football… make sure to include your furry friend in the fun!


Kicking off our list in the best way possible, Willow is hoping for a Buccaneers win!


Margo has her game face on. Boop her nose for good luck! Your team might need it.


It’s time to huddle… around the chip bowl. Mr. Monk’s idea of a super bowl is a large bowl of guacamole.


JT Catsby is playing some “fantasy football” on his miniature gridiron.


This beer is Gouda’s number one draft pick.


Don’t let the jersey fool you! Woodford wishes all of this football would stop interrupting the commercials.


Football is one habit that Ollie just can’t kick.