Preparing your pets for a picture with Santa.

Prepare Your Pet for Pictures with Santa

Is your pet on the nice list this year? Regardless of which of Santa’s lists your pet is on, getting their picture with Santa is a great holiday memory. Not only is it an experience that you’ll cherish, but you get fantastic souvenirs of the moment.

Don’t forget to get some extra copies for charming holiday gifts. Your pet’s grandparents will love a photo to show off their furry grandkids. Follow these tips to get the best picture with Santa out of your dog or cat.

Get Your Pet Comfortable with Photos

Before you spend the money on a photo with Santa, make sure your pet is comfortable in their environment. If your pet does not do well around strangers, you may not get a good photo, so socializing your pet prior to the photoshoot is important.

If possible, take your pet to the photo site early so they have time to adjust to their surroundings before you get in line for the photograph. Allowing them to wander the space and sniff the area will reduce distractions when they’re in front of the camera.

If your pet isn’t comfortable being held by other humans, you can get in on the fun! Consider a pose where you are sitting with Santa holding your pet. You still get a fun memory without stressing your pet out or risking Santa’s safety from a nervous scratch or nip.

Groom Your Pet in Advance

Get your pet looking their best before the big photoshoot with a thorough grooming before you step in front of the camera. For some pets, that may mean just a bath the day before or day of, but other pets may require a full blowout and trim.

Think about what you want from your pet and how you want them to look and make it happen in advance. If your pet is particularly adventurous and loves to get dirty, you may want to save the grooming for the day of the photo, so you don’t have to do it twice.

Bring Their Bestie

Instead of having just one pet in the photo, if your dog or cat is bonded to another animal, consider having both pets in the photo at the same time. Santa may have to get creative with posing, but if your pets are more comfortable together, you’ll get a better image.

Dress the Part

If your pet will allow it, dress them in their holiday best! This will make your photo extra special, and for animals that enjoy wearing clothes, it’s another way to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Photos with Santa are dominated by dogs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a memory with your other pets. If your cat, rabbit, or even pony is comfortable with traveling to meet Santa, don’t hesitate!

Every time you see these photo memories of your pet with Santa, you’ll smile. It’s a fantastic tradition to celebrate the holidays with your pet.