Two dogs in goofy Halloween costumes.

The Pets of PetCon: Pet Pals

Sometimes, one pet just isn’t enough. Whether you bring another pet into your home for additional company, extra snuggles, or a sibling for your pet, there are few things cuter than watching your pet become best pals with other animals. We met some adorable pet pals at PetCon in New York City and think you will love them as much as we did!

Coco & Her Sister Cici

PetPlace: How long have you had Coco and Cici?

Katie: I’ve had them for a little over two years. They came into my life in 2017. Many people think that they are actually sisters (and I refer to them as sisters on Instagram), but they are actually aunt and niece. Coco is 7 months older than Cici.

PP: Did you know from the beginning that they would be Instagram famous?

K: No! I had an Instagram for our old maltese, but it was more for friends and family. She was a lot older at the time–in her teens–and after she passed away, I decided to get Coco and Cici. They were so cute and I decided to start an Instagram right away for them. Within a couple of days, we had hit 1,000 followers, and I realized that this might be something that could be serious, and I had to start taking it more seriously. I’ve posted everyday since starting the account and it’s really just taken off.

PP: What’s been the most interesting thing about having Instagram-famous dogs?

Jessie (Kate’s 19-year-old daughter): Just that people are truly interested in them from all over the world. There are so many people who love them and I would never have thought that could be possible. It also allows us to do fun things like this! We’re from Arizona, so it’s been awesome to come to New York City, which I haven’t been to since I was 7. We’re having so much fun with it, and we get to do it with our dogs.

The Lil’ Gremlins

PetPlace: So, who exactly are the lil’ gremlins?

Birdie: This is Tansy and Corazon.

PP: When did you realize that they would be Instagram stars?

B: It was accidental. It just happened. I wanted to be on Instagram without a personal account and just started sharing pet pics.

PP: What do Tansy and Corazon like to do when they’re not being Instagram models?

B: Sleeping is definitely their number 1 activity. Eating is a close second, and number 3 is sleeping again.They’re professional eaters with a fashionista edge.

PP: What are your tips for aspiring Insta stars?

B: Do what makes you happy. People want to know it’s real and see the real you.

Krissy & Munchkin (Dunkin Ducks)

PetPlace: You happen to have the only pet duck in today’s lineup. Can you tell us about the ducks that appear on your Instagram feed?

Krissy: Munchkin is the white duck and Oreo is the black & white duck. Munchkin is really the star of the account, but they go out for walks together sometimes.

PP: When did you realize that Munchkin could be an Instagram star?

K: One Thanksgiving, my family left for vacation and the ducks celebrated inside with me. Friends said that my pictures would be perfect for social media, and they were right!

PP: What does Munchkin enjoy doing for fun?

K: Swimming, sleeping, and eating. [Editor’s note: Munchkin flapped her wings when her Mom said swimming.]

PP: Do you think ducks are the next big pet stars on Instagram?

K: Munchkin definitely can be!

Henry Loves Kiki

PetPlace: Did you ever think that Henry and Kiki would be Instagram famous?

Jennifer: No. I was originally posting pictures of them on my personal Instagram account, and then my personal account started to turn into all dog photos. They’re so cuddly and affectionate, and I knew they just needed their own account. They’re always just snuggling and making out and I felt like somebody else needed to see it, but I never expected it to grow the way that it did.

PP: They are both miniature dachshunds, but are they related?

J: No, they are not related. I got Henry first as a small puppy at 12 weeks old and he seemed like a really lonely puppy and I felt like he needed a friend. I did an adoption search through for a rescue dachshund the same age as him and Kiki came up within 2 weeks. I spoke to the foster mom and I asked if she was cuddly and the foster mom said yes, so I knew it was a good match. She came in a rescue transport and Henry fell in love at first sight.

PP: What’s a fun fact about miniature dachshunds?

J: I would say that they are very devoted to their owners, and they are very cuddly and they love to be under blankets. They’re burrowers, they really want to be under a blanket, even in the middle of the summer.