A cat plays in the fall leaves.

Top 10 Fall-Themed Pet Pictures

1. @itsdougthepug

“When it’s the first day of fall and you enthusiastically dig out all your sweaters, scarves, and booties like they’re made of bacon.”


“The changing leaves are trance-inducing, but I’m determined to stay focused with my Grande latte and new spectacles. Anyone seen my Sherlock Holmes book?”

3. @prissypig

“This little piggy went to market and won the pumpkin patch contest! Made new gourds-geous friends too.”

4. @livingthatgoldenlife

“Hi there, welcome to the orchard! I am your guide to the most delicious apples you will taste this fall. Ready, set, let’s go fill those baskets!”


“Oh. Em. Gee. Did you do all of this, just for me? Come over here so I can give you a hug! Come on, don’t leaf me hanging…!”

6. @misspearlypug

“‘Cuz you know, orange is the new black. Orange-ya pumped for fall?”

7. @lizzie.bear

“We are good little doggies, patiently waiting for our hoomans to make a big, big leaf pile we can jump into! But wait, how do we get out of this white stuff? Unbe-leaf-able…”

8. @nala_cat

“This landshark is on the prowl for warm apple cider and fireside snuggles.”


“Having a gourd time, but boy, these orange balls are really hard to fetch!”

10. @cityturtles

“I’ll race you around the pumpkin patch!”