Did you get a kitty for Valentine's Day?

14 Pet Valentines Sure to Make You Blush

Though this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations will likely be spent at home, those with a pet as their special someone certainly won’t be lonely!

We’ve compiled 14 adorable pets that are perfect for your Instagram this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy.

1. Are you FELINE the connection between us?

2. My life socks without you.

3. I am HEDGE over heels for you.

4. Be Mine! It’s meow or never!

5. You bake me crazy!

6. Netflix and chinchill?

7. There’s no-bunny else like you!

8. You are the cat’s meow.

9. Howl you doin’?

10. QUILL you be my Valentine?

11. Sending lots of pugs & kisses!

12. I fur real like you.

13. You make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

14. You are earresistible.