What is Pet Insurance?

More and more pet owners have a question for veterinarians: What is pet insurance?

Many will later ask if they need it, but before most can process that question, they want to know what pet insurance is and how it protects their dog, cat or other family pet.

Pet insurance is a tool to help pet parents avoid a financial crisis due to unexpected veterinary expenses from accidents and illnesses. Pet medical insurance helps pay unexpected veterinary bills, so if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, you have help covering the costs.

Pet health insurers provide several basic types of pet insurance policies and upgrades. Many companies offer a variety of deductibles, similar to auto insurance. This gives you the ability to follow your veterinarian’s recommended course of treatment knowing that your pet health insurance will help provide you with financial peace of mind.

What is Pet Insurance Used for?

Like the health care market for people, the cost of providing quality care for dogs, cats and other pets has gone up. In many ways, this is a good thing. Veterinary medicine increasingly employs more modern techniques, preventative drugs and medicines that help keep the standard of living high for our pets. These treatments can get quite expensive, though, sometimes running into the hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars, creating a steadily growing market for pet insurance.

Basic policies generally cover treatment for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Beyond that, there are variations. For example, coverage for basic medical care, vaccinations and wellness care. Some policies will include spaying and neutering, along with dental and other routine care treatments, which is ideal for new puppies.

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Once pet insurance is explained, the most common question pet owners have is whether or not they need it. This is a highly personal question that has to do with your financial abilities, and how you would handle a sudden expense for your dog, cat or other pet.

There are many things to consider as you make plans for your dog’s near-term, long-term and emergency care.

The Long History of Pet Insurance

Did you know the first pet insurance policy was written in 1890? That policy was focused on horses and livestock, but since 1947, pet insurance that more closely resembles what we see in today’s market has started to form. The first dog insurance policy sold in the U.S. came in 1982. The owner of that first policy? Television superstar Lassie.

Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

Can you afford a $1,000 vet bill? Medical care for pets, including emergency care, diagnostic tests and treatment options, is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more expensive.

Did You Know? 4 out of 5 pets will have a medical emergency in their lifetime, and every six seconds a pet owner will face a veterinary bill of $1,000 or more.

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