How to help your pets deal with New Year's Eve anxiety.

How to Prep Your Pet for the Party This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a party, whether you’re the host, guest, or just an innocent bystander, someone near you is celebrating.

While this is exciting for humans, it can be scary for pets, especially once the fireworks start going off at midnight. The loud booms and cracks can scare pets who don’t know what is going on, and many run away and end up in shelters because they can’t find their way home.

No matter how you decide to celebrate, you can help your pet get ready for New Year’s Eve with less anxiety and fear.

Distract Your Pets with Play or Snacks

If your pet is already nervous when fireworks go off, preparing for New Year’s Eve with a toy or treat to enjoy at midnight is a good idea. Since you know approximately when the fireworks will start, you can get out the toy or chew and get your pet interested in it before things start getting noisy.

If you’re having a party, giving them something to distract themselves before guests arrive is a perfect way to make them comfortable. If possible, have your guests bring something they love like a snack or their favorite toy, so they adjust to the new people immediately.

Go For a Walk or Exercise

Before you celebrate, take some time to play with your pet or go for a nice long walk. By getting rid of the excess energy, they are less likely to experience nervous energy. You may even get lucky and wear them out to the point that they sleep through the festivities and don’t get anxious at all.

Give Them a Safe Space

Set your pet up with a safe place of their own, so they have somewhere to go if they get stressed, overwhelmed, or scared during the party. Tell your guests that your pet needs some time to relax and that their space needs to be respected. They’ll appreciate their comfort zone and may eventually decide to rejoin the party.

Turn on the TV or Music

Counteract the scary noise of a party or fireworks with music or TV that your pet has heard before, so they have something familiar amidst the holiday chaos. This is especially good advice if you are going to a party and leaving your pet alone.

Keep an Eye on Your Party Food

A table spread is a temptation too strong for some pets, so make sure they don’t have access to the food. Not only are there potential poisoning dangers, but they may eat themselves sick, so don’t leave them unattended if there’s food around.

Fit Your Pet with a Calming Vest or Blanket

You can now buy vests and sweaters that are designed to help reduce anxiety in pets. If you know your pet is nervous around strangers or loud noises, invest in a vest that will help keep them calm and comfortable during your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Talk to Your Vet in Advance

Sometimes, nothing you do will keep your pet’s anxiety at bay. Talk to your vet before New Year’s Eve for some alternatives or medication to help your pet get through the holiday comfortably.

No matter how you end up celebrating, make sure your pet feels safe and relaxed. The last thing you want is to start the new year looking for your furry friend because they ran away in fear. The more comfortable they are, the more you can enjoy your holiday.