A woman kisses an annoyed cat.

Your Pet’s Pet Peeves: Behaviors That Can Annoy Pets

As much as we love our pets, there are times when they get on our nerves. Even the world’s most patient pet parents can feel frustrated by behaviors like excessive vocalization, persistent begging, or scratching and chewing on furniture. These irksome habits can sour the relationship between pet and pet parent, often causing owners to lose their cool and inadvertently inspire more unwanted behavior.

Sometimes, irritating behaviors are a dog or cat’s way of letting owners know that they’re annoyed with us. Read on to learn if you could be driving your cat crazy or getting under your dog’s fur.

5 Habits That Annoy Dogs

5 Habits That Annoy Cats

Bonding With Your Pet

Building a strong, respectful relationship with your pet is an ongoing process. It starts once you’ve brought your dog or cat home and continues throughout the entirety of your time together. Failure to bond can result in testy relationships and houses characterized by destructive pets and overwhelmed pet parents.

Check out our guides to bonding with pets for tips on avoiding conflict, setting clear ground rules, and establishing relationships that will make both your lives richer: