Multiple Cats household tips

10 Multiple Cat Household Tips for Health and Wellness

More than half of all cat households have two or more cats. Owning multiple cats can be a lot of fun, especially when the cats get along. However, there may be some squabbles over food, water, access to your lap – or over nothing at all. Many times, the more cats you have the more litter box issues you have. It could help to have access to multiple cat household tips.

There are many benefits to owning more than one cat, but there are also challenges. Having multiple cats can be stressful for the cats, leading to behaviors such as spraying, inappropriate urination or stress-related diseases like idiopathic cystitis.

One of the best multiple cat household tips is to make sure there are enough resources and space for everyone. If each of your cats feels there are enough safe choices in terms of where to eat, sleep, eliminate and play, then life in your home will be much happier.

If you own more than one cat, there are ways to help make them live together more peacefully. You could benefit from these multiple cat household tips.

Multiple Cat Household Tips

If you follow these multiple cat household tips, you’ll be better able to enjoy the time you have with your cats. Having multiple cats will require more effort on your part, but the cats can also provide a lot of fun.

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