Choosing a Pet Groomer

Choosing a Pet Groomer

A dog gets groomed at a pet salon.A dog gets groomed at a pet salon.
A dog gets groomed at a pet salon.A dog gets groomed at a pet salon.

Table of Contents:

  1. Breeds That Require Extensive Grooming
  2. Questions to Ask a Potential Pet Groomer
  3. Grooming Pets at Home

It’s not just dogs and cats with elaborate coifs who require regular grooming. From nail trims to brushing, each and every breed of pet will necessitate at least some grooming to keep them happy and healthy. Read on to learn more about successfully adding a professional pet groomer’s services to your pet care repertoire.

Breeds That Require Extensive Grooming

If you’re in the market for a new puppy or kitten, keep in mind that these beloved breeds tend to require a lot in the way of grooming. While owners will assure you they’re more than worth it, you may want to think twice about these pets if you’re short on time and money.

Dogs That Require Extensive Grooming

  • Poodles: Regal, intelligent Poodles come in several varieties and the most pampered among them are notable for their elaborate hair-dos.
  • Afghan Hounds: Few dogs in the canine world have coats as eye-catching as the elegant Afghan Hound.
  • Pulis and Komondors: You may not recognize either of these Hungarian herding dogs by name, but you’ve probably seen their distinctive, mop-like coats.
  • Bichon Frises: Regular brushing helps the Bichon Frise avoid painful mats in their coats and the cheerful breed should also get regular baths and trims.

Cats That Require Extensive Grooming

Cats take care of some grooming on their own and most breeds won’t require more than regular brushing from a devoted pet parent. The experts at Purina note that these three breeds do best with daily grooming. As such, they may be good candidates for a trip to the professional cat groomer.

  • Birmans: Originating in ancient Myanmar, the Birman’s blue eyes are as striking as their luxurious, pointed coats.
  • Himalayans: These cats shed heavily, so daily grooming is essential to avoid tangled and matted hair.
  • Persians: Among the fluffiest breeds of cat, Persians have a chubby, flat face that accentuates their round appearance.

Questions to Ask a Potential Pet Groomer

May I see your facilities?

Ask if you can tour a groomer’s facilities, meet their staff, and observe them at work. Take in as many details as possible and ask yourself, “Am I comfortable sending my dog or cat here?”

How did you train?

There are numerous routes by which someone can become a professional groomer. Some go to school to work in the field, while others work their way into the profession by apprenticing with an established groomer. Many groomers continue their education even after they’ve started their careers. Some pet parents may interpret this as a sign that a potential groomer is especially passionate about their profession.

What kinds of products do you use?

Does your dog or cat have any allergies that you’ll want a groomer to avoid? Are you interested in identifying groomers who use green products? Make sure to ask about both the cleaning products and the gear your prospective groomer employs.

Do you have experience with my pet’s breed?

The canine and feline communities are diverse and just because a groomer has experience doesn’t mean they’ve encountered a coat like your pet’s. If possible, find a professional with extensive experience seeing to your unique breed’s needs.

Grooming Pets at Home

Want to give at-home grooming a first try (or another shot)? Check out these guides from the team at PetPlace. They cover the necessary supplies, offer safety precautions, and provide tips for success.

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