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Give the Ultimate Gift: A Pet Estate Plan

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It’s no secret that pet owners are more invested in the well-being of their furry, feathery, and scaly companions than ever before. The pet product and services industry is booming and owners are paying increased attention to and scrutinizing over everything from groomers and dog walkers to artisanal food, treats, and toys. The pet insurance marketplace continues to grow as niche and big-name insurance providers alike look to offer pet owners some degree of security in the event of costly medical procedures. Given how much we love our pets, it’s no surprise that we will go to great lengths to protect them.

But what about when we aren’t there to protect them?

What Is Pet Estate Planning?

Pet estate planning is an essential pet security solution that ensures your pets are cared for, the way you want, by the person(s) you choose. Whether you’re simply going out of town and leaving your best pal with a friend or family member, or an unexpected event leaves you unavailable to attend to your animal family, you can count on a pet estate plan to have your — and their — backs.

What Is Included in a Pet Estate Plan?

Pet Information Sheet

A pet information sheet is the go-to resource for all of the important information about your pet’s care. It includes detailed information about your pet’s emergency contact, veterinarian, insurance, feeding schedule, walk routine, microchip, medical history, medications, and any other details you want to note.

We are all aware of the stress and confusion that our pets experience in the event of a sudden change in circumstances: disrupted schedules, inconsistent food, missed medications, to name a few. A pet information sheet effectively removes any guesswork out of caring for your pet, and gives you the peace of mind knowing your pets will receive the consistent level of care to which they’re accustomed, minimizing their stress, and maximizing their comfort.

Pet Power of Attorney

A Pet Power of Attorney is a legally binding document in which you appoint someone to make decisions about your pet’s care, and express your wishes about the nature and cost of that care in the event of your absence or incapacity. Most importantly, a Pet Power of Attorney serves as the document your veterinarian will request to perform medical procedures in your absence, or in the event you are unreachable.

We all have stories or have heard of someone who tried to bring a pet in for medical attention only to be denied when the owner wasn’t present to approve the services and associated costs. It is a needlessly heartbreaking — sometimes traumatizing — experience for all involved, and entirely preventable. We never expect to be unavailable to care for our pets, which is exactly why it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected, and ensure they are able receive the care they need even in our absence.

Pet Trust

A Pet Trust is a legal document that helps protect you and your pets, as well as any future caregivers. It ensures your pets are left in the loving hands of the person or persons you trust most should your pet outlive you. A Pet Trust also equips your pet’s new caregivers with the financial resources to continue their care, and allows you to set financial provisions, and appoint parties to manage the trust according to your wishes.

The harsh reality is that every year 5 to 7 million pets end up in shelters as a result of an owner passing away with no plans for their furry companions. Worse still, 3 to 4 million pets are ultimately euthanized having been unable to find a new home. It doesn’t have to be this way. A Pet Trust is the ultimate in selfless gifts to give your pets: a guarantee of continued life and love.


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What Can I Do to Guarantee the Best Life for My Pet?

Now it’s time to take the next step and make a commitment to your pet’s future well-being.

A Pet Estate Plan with Gentreo is free to start, and a priceless commitment to your pet. Complete your pet estate planning documents with Gentreo’s intuitive, survey-style platform. Securely store and easily share your documents with Gentreo’s Digital Vault. With no obligation, Gentreo is risk-free and offers pet owners peace of mind during these uncertain times. It’s also one of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Online Will Making Programs,” noted for the innovative ways it helps you “create, store and share your estate plan.”

While we can’t guarantee that we’ll always be available to care for our pets, we can take the necessary steps to ensure they will always receive the love and care they deserve. With a Gentreo Pet Plan, it’s never been easier to secure the best life for your pets. Get started for free today.

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