Microchipping: Reliable Pet Protection If They Get Lost

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Microchipping your dog or cat has emerged as a powerful protective measure bringing comfort and relief to pet parents everywhere. Beyond mere identification, it safeguards our cherished companions and transforms how we care for them. Discover how this tiny yet mighty technology deepens our bond with our lovable, adorable pets.

The Benefit of Microchipping Your Pet

A third of all family pets will get lost at some point. And with general activity and wear and tear, pets can lose their tags. But microchips are the only permanent, reliable solution for lost pet recovery. Though not a GPS, it's a rice-sized radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is quickly and painlessly inserted under your pet's skin. It forms a permanent ID that can be registered to databases and holds critical information about the pet and its parent.

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Should I Microchip My Dog or Cat?

When scanned, it helps identify lost and found animals and provides shelters, veterinarians, or other organizations with an easy method to contact the pet parent. There are many misconceptions about microchipping your cat or dog, with many wondering if the benefits are worth it. However, the evidence suggests microchips work. Microchipped dogs are twice as likely to return home, and microchipped cats are more than twenty times more likely to return home than animals without these devices.

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What Happens After You Microchip Your Pet?

Check your pet's chip each year to ensure their information is up-to-date. Here are a few easy steps.

Consider getting a Lifetime Protection Membership, offered through 24Petwatch, the leader in lost pet recovery solutions. Since 2003, they've reunited over 730,000 pets with happy pet parents. When your pet is most vulnerable, they'll be there when you can't.

Reunites Made Possible by Microchips

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Thanos was stolen at 4 months old right out of my backyard. After finding him, I decided to get him microchipped. One day, I got a call saying Thanos had gotten out. After frantically searching, I remembered getting him chipped, which brought some peace of mind.

I received a text message from 24Petwatch saying an officer had picked up Thanos. I felt so relieved. I'm so thankful I got him chipped. It saved the day and countless hours of worry and searching.

I recommend getting a chip for your best furry friend because accidents happen, and it could be the difference between not finding your fur baby or being reunited with them.

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I live in rural Prattville, Alabama. Ollie was stolen out of my yard in late September 2015. Someone found him on April 24th, 2023, still in Prattville. She took him to the Prattville Human Society. They scanned his microchip number into the system, and 24Petwatch called and texted me. Please have your pet chipped. After 7 long years I got my baby back. Thank you, 24Petwatch.

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After escaping from an upstairs bedroom, my cat, Castiel, decided to go on an adventure. With the grand world before him and the wind in his whiskers, he attended the neighbor's garage sale. Thankfully, a kind woman brought him to the local vet clinic. They scanned his chip and tried to contact me. 24Petwatch, also called. Being at work, I did not answer any calls.

They got ahold of my dad (emergency contact), and now Castiel is safe and sound, living his best indoor life.

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We are so thankful Sam was found because of his microchip from 24Petwatch! We had given Sam to our elderly dad two Christmases ago after his dog passed. Sam lives on a farm and loves to chase the cows.

He went missing five days ago, and we thought he was gone forever. Thankfully, because of his chip, Sam is back home. He was 8 miles away!

Thank you again.

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