A teething kitten gnaws on a multi-colored chew toy.

Soothing Teething Toys for Cats and Dogs

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There are a lot of perks to being a puppy or kitten. For most young pets, toys, treats, and heaps of affection are all a big part of daily life. Other aspects of puppy and kittenhood aren’t quite so pleasant. Teething, for example, leaves pets contending with sore gums and their families scrambling to discourage destructive chewing.

Healthy cats and dogs have 26 and 28 “baby teeth” respectively. Cats grow their full set of 30 adult teeth by around six months of age and the last of a dog’s 42 teeth come in between six and eight months. The painful weeks between the loss of your pet’s first baby teeth and the growth of their adult chompers can be made easier with products like these from Chewy’s pet care marketplace.

Teething Products for Dogs

Relieve your pup’s aching gums with these popular toys:

KONG Puppy Dog Toy

This classic toy has been a favorite of pets and pet parents alike for decades. The KONG’s durable material can withstand hours of intense chewing without irritating puppy gums, and its unique shape makes for exciting, unpredictable bounces. You can even fill it with peanut butter or insert a treat in the toy’s center to blend playtime and snacktime.

5-Star User Review: “My Italian Greyhound puppy loves her pink Kong toy! She is about 4 pounds and I purchased the extra small size. It’s perfect for when she wants to chew like crazy and she loves chasing the way it randomly bounces off the floor.”

Nylabone Teething Pacifier

A cute option for a fussy fur baby, this “pacifier” is tough enough to last throughout your dog’s full teething process. The toy’s nubs soothe sore gums while discouraging plaque and tartar buildup. More than 800 Chewy users have already sung its praises!

5-Star User Review: “This was the first toy we gave our puppy the day we brought her home and she loved it instantly! After having her for a month, she still loves to chew on this toy. For teething, you can put it in the fridge for a couple hours and the cold really soothes the gums!”

Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball

Made from a patented, ultra-tough material, this ball is easy on puppy’s mouths, but strong enough to survive an adult dog’s bite. If your dog’s chewing habit lasts past their teething months, this ball could be the ideal distraction. Don’t worry, it doesn’t squeak.

5-Star User Review: “This ball is durable enough to withstand a young Doberman trying to shred it! He finds it satisfying between his other distractions. Knowing he is unlikely to destroy it and swallow bits of it in the process is great for me.”

Teething Products for Cats

These toys can keep a teething kitten comfortable and potentially stop them from chewing on shoes, clothes, and furniture:

Petstages Dental Cat Chew Toy

With a variety of textures and materials to crunch on, this toy is soothing for kittens and pleasant for cats of all ages. Cat lovers have the option to make the toy even more engaging with the addition of catnip.

5-Star User Review: “I got these for my 3 month old kitten that is teething. I took them out of the package and he used it right away! Even my 4 yr old likes them. When the kitten goes for cords or anything I don’t want him chewing on, I just toss this toward him and it redirects him. So glad I invested in these. Recommend!”

Petstages Dental Kitty Chew Wheel

Though it can be rough on chairs, tables, and cupboards, chewing is beneficial for your cat’s teeth. As kittens, it helps to alleviate the pain of teething and it’s useful for reducing plaque and tartar buildup throughout a cat’s life. This kitten-safe chew toy can help instill good oral health habits at an early age.

5-Star User Review: “My cat is a chewer, especially of plastic (ziplock bags a particular delicacy). When she starts chewing, I slip this chew toy to her and she goes to town on it. I am getting a second one so there will be one handy when the other is under the fridge or couch.”

Petstages Dental Banana Cat Chew

Your cat will love unpeeling this banana and chomping on the durable mesh “fruit.” The crinkling sound and texture makes for an attention-grabbing toy — with or without added catnip.

5-Star User Review: “This toy has been great in deterring my kitten from biting or scratching the wrong things. As soon as I notice an unacceptable biting behavior, I crinkle the peel of the banana and he takes it from me. Very effective and cute.”