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American Journey: New Foods for Your New Pets

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Bringing home a new cat or dog means making a lot of important decisions. Selecting a food is one of the first and most crucial. Complete nutrition provides the foundation for a happy, healthy life. Choosing the right food will not only help your new pet thrive, but can help you say thanks in advance for all of their unconditional love.

Chewy’s online pet care marketplace includes hundreds of foods from dozens of brands. American Journey is one of our favorites. Learn more about this brand and their numerous lines of cat and dog food.

American Journey Dry Foods

American Journey offers a range of dry foods for dogs and cats alike. From grain-free to high-protein blends to limited ingredient recipes, there’s something for every pet’s taste and every pet parents’ budget.

American Journey Dry Dog Foods

American Journey Dry Cat Foods

Grain-Free Dry Cat Food: Cats require a host of vitamins and minerals to stay active and healthy. American Journey provides all of the essentials in every bag of its nutritious, grain-free, dry cat food.

Here are the four different varieties of their dry cat food:

All four cat food blends contain vital probiotics and Omega-3s, without potential allergens like corn or gluten.

American Journey Wet Foods

While wet food is less calorie dense than its dry counterpart, wet dog and cat food can easily serve as part of a healthy diet. It can even help keep your pet hydrated. Check out some of American Journey’s best-selling wet foods.

American Journey Wet Food for Dogs

American Journey Wet Food for Cats

American Journey Snacks and Treats

These American Journey snacks can provide a tasty between-meal treat for cats or dogs.

American Journey Dog Treats

American Journey Cat Treats

100% Chicken Freeze-Dried Cat Treats: There’s just one ingredient in these cat treats: real chicken. By freeze drying the chicken at peak freshness, American Journey locks in both flavor and nutritional value. Your cat will love them.

American Journey Supplements

In addition to high-quality foods, American Journey offers Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for both dogs and cats.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil: Made with wild-caught salmon, this supplement provides a health-boosting addition to your dog or cat’s favorite food. The wealth of Omega-3s support a healthy coat and pain-free joints. Both the 18 and 32-oz bottles feature a drip-free cap to ensure you can support good pet health without making a mess.

Never Go to the Pet Store Again

Thanks to Chewy, it’s simpler and more cost effective than ever to provide your cat or dog with complete meals and holistic nutrition. Chewy will even take a full 25% off your first order of any American Journey product. Once you’ve identified a new favorite, select Autoship at checkout to schedule recurring shipments. You won’t just avoid trips to the pet store, but will also save 30% on your first Autoship Purchase and receive subsequent savings on every Autoship order! What are you waiting for?

Content Sponsored by Chewy, Inc.