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Fancy Chow and Other Healthy Pet Food Trends

Does your pet like luxury? Keeping up with pet food trends is a great way to make sure your pet is given the very best while also being the hippest pet in town.

Once upon a time, making your pet a plate that matched your own was one of the top pet food trends, but the days of filling your pet’s bowl with table scraps are in the past. Now pet owners are looking for ways to feed their pets the best food possible in order to give them a naturally healthy meal.

Pets are a part of our families, and without them our lives just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why it’s no surprise that pet food trends are leaning towards providing the healthiest options for our pets. Much like how our own food trends have started moving towards more organic and clean choices, pet foods have too. If you love them like family, and you treat them like family, why would you feed them any differently?

These healthy pet food trends have taken the market by storm, and healthy and organic pet food prices can make a significant dent in your budget. However most pet owners don’t seem to mind, and are actually willing to cut things like Netflix in order to provide better food for their pets.

The “New” Pet Food

Pet food companies have acknowledged healthy pet food trends by marketing their products as organic, clean, and free of bad stuff like chemicals. These companies are taking notice of the fact that we’re shopping for pet food in the same way we do our own groceries. In a sense, pet food trends have led pet food to become “humanized,” because the labeling is becoming more and more similar to those that draw us in to the products that we buy for ourselves.

You may have noticed that pet foods are starting to feature different ingredients than the generic proteins, vegetables, and grains we’re used to seeing. Now pet foods are calling out featured ingredients like bison or salmon to really draw in buyers. These exotic ingredients are appealing to pet owners looking for something unique to give to their pets for a meal.

Part of the healthy pet food trends is that pet owners are no longer just grabbing a bag of dog food and moving on; they’re treating pet food like human food by taking the time to read labels and understand what they’re feeding their pets. Ingredients that are non-GMO, high in protein, and certified organic are what people are actually looking for, and pet foods that don’t have them are seeing their sales fall. That’s why there’s a rise in the marketing of pet foods that are boasting how their formulas include the vitamins and minerals your pet needs along with all the organic ingredients you’re looking for.

The healthy and organic pet food trend is not just affecting food, but treats as well. Just like owners want to give their pets natural meals, they want to reward them with organic treats, too. Premium treats like these are seeing a rise in sales thanks to the addition of natural and healthy ingredients, and also because brands are taking out artificial ingredients and flavors that are turning consumers away.

Natural and organic pet food trends are actually impacting sales enough that brands are rethinking the way they’re creating their products and taking out artificial ingredients to make way for those that are natural and a little more expensive.

On the other side of pet food trends, owners are also trying raw food diets for their pets. Rather than leaning towards feeding them foods more similar to what we eat, the raw food diet typically consists of raw meat like chicken that’s completely uncooked. Even the bones are left in!

This diet isn’t necessarily a new trend, but it’s picking up speed due to the trend of feeding pets natural meals. Although a little more extreme, the raw food diet brings pets back to what their ancestors ate, and still gives them all the nutrients that they need to stay as healthy as possible. The raw food diet doesn’t mean you’ll have to head to the meat department of the supermarket, because there are brands that make their food with raw ingredients.

Fruits and vegetables are also a part of the raw food diet, depending on whether you want your pet’s food to be “prey” focused or not. People who feed their pets this diet believe that raw food is the best and most direct way for pets to receive the nutrients they need.

Natural pet food trends are on the rise, and pet owners are looking for brands with organic ingredients in order to give their pets the best meal possible.

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