A woman and her pet on a road trip.

Calmly and Carefully Hitting the Road with Pets

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Whether you’re reuniting with friends and family, revisiting favorite places, or discovering new destinations, there’s nothing like a road trip. For pet owners, hitting the road is even better with four-legged companions in tow.

Introducing the Car and the Road

The best way to ensure pets are comfortable in the car and on the road is to introduce drives of varying distances during their early socialization periods. For pet parents, socializing dogs and cats means providing exposure to as many new sights, sensations, and experiences as possible. Doing so can help to discourage feelings of anxiousness around the unfamiliar. A pet who’s had poor socialization (or little to no socialization) may exhibit fearful, destructive, and repetitive behaviors when confronted with new people, places, and things later in life.

Before embarking on a long trip, pet owners should bring their four-legged friends along for trips around the block or even short getaways. This will not only help pets get used to road tripping, but will help owners get a sense of how their pet responds to sensations like wearing a safety harness, traveling at varying speeds, and suddenly stopping or starting. A few trial runs will ensure all parties are better prepared to hit the road for extended vacations.

Packing for the Trip

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Part 2: Coming Soon

Next month, we’ll offer tips for safe driving with pets, as well a guide to pet-friendly destinations around the country. See you then!