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Is Your Pantry Poisonous? The Best Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Let’s face it, having a pet can be messy. Surely your home is stocked with cleaning products, but are they pet safe cleaning products?

You may not even realize it, but your cupboards could be filled with cleaning products that could seriously harm your pet. Having a vigilant eye is difficult when you’re trying to pick up the trash strewn across the kitchen or clean up that spot on the rug.

But with these pet safe cleaning products, you can have peace of mind and a clean home.

Our Favorite Pet Safe Cleaning Products

Clean + Green

Tackle any mess and keep your home clean with the Clean + Green product line. Clean your carpets, floor, and furniture with their eco-friendly and pet safe cleaning products. Clean + Green also features an odor eliminating product that can save your house from odors if your pet has a run-in with a skunk.

Seventh Generation

Know exactly what’s in your cleaning products with Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation has a full line of everything you need to clean your home. They value making sure you know exactly what’s in the product you’re using, so you can be sure your pets will be safe no matter what product you’re using.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

The Mrs. Meyers product line derives their ingredients from plants without using any harsh, harmful chemicals that would hurt your pets. With a number of garden scents to choose from, your house will be pet safe and smelling fresh.

Nature’s Miracle

Attack tough stains without the worry of harm coming to your pets with Nature’s Miracle products. Developed specifically to be pet and family safe, these products will remove stains and odors without any dangerous ingredients.

Stay Away From These Poisonous Hazards

Laundry pods aren’t just bad for children, they’re bad for pets too. Check the ingredients of your current household cleaners, and if any of these chemicals are present, keep them far away from your pets:

Learn more about chemicals that are dangerous to dogs and those that are dangerous to cats.