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New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

It’s that time of year where the list of resolutions you made in December is coming back to haunt you. As you try to make peace with the changes you want to make — and the ones you’ve already given up on — why not think about adding some New Year’s resolutions for pets?

Your pets are a huge part of your life, so when you try to make positive changes in your life, you should include them too! New Year’s resolutions for pets are a great way to gain motivation for yourself to get started and they can even help you work towards your goals.

Being a pet owner means making sure your pets live the best lives they cab, and you can help them be their best by giving them goals to reach. Whether you want your New Year’s resolutions for pets to be health focused or social focused, there’s a way for you and your pets to accomplish your resolutions together.

Starting resolutions is never easy. The best way to accomplish your goals is to find things that you can easily fit into your daily routine. From diet changes to exercise to spending more time together, the quickest way to success is to make sure your resolutions can fit into your daily life so they won’t be overlooked.

Not sure where to start on your New Year’s resolutions for pets? Check out our tips to get started.

Conquer Your Goals with These Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

1. New Year, New Pet

Did you put on a few extra pounds over the holidays? Are your pets getting a little heavier, too? If so, getting healthy is a great resolution. Yes, getting healthier is the most common resolution that people make — and break — but it can be done. If you focus on your pets’ health as well as your own, you just may be able to actually stick to a healthier lifestyle.

So when you start your diet, put your pet on a diet as well. As with any nutritional changes, consult with your veterinarian first, but a pet diet could be as easy as changing from wet food to dry food. Check out the difference between wet and dry cat food here, and wet and dry dog food here.

Another easy way to start a pet diet? Cut out the table scraps. Table food is too fatty for the digestive systems of most animals and can lead to severe stomach upsets, occasionally triggering possibly fatal pancreatic inflammation. Learn more about why table scraps are bad for dogs and cats.

Also, if you’re going to give your pets treats, don’t overdo it, and always make sure they’re healthy treats. Again, discuss any nutritional or health concerns with your veterinarian. They’ll be able to help you determine what weight range your pet should be in for their specific breed, and give you tips on what and how often to feed them.

2. Get In a Good Workout

Is one of your resolutions to get in better shape this year? Try adding more exercise to your resolutions for pets, as well, and you can knock it out together!

Whether it’s a game, a walk around the block or just some time playing and getting their heart rates up, all pets — even reptiles — benefit from regular exercise. It helps them stay healthy, prevents boredom, and raises their overall happiness level. Helping your pet exercise more will also help you get moving more, too. It’s a win-win!

Are you and your pets bored with the same old walks and toys? Check out these unique ways to get active with your dog, and these fun ways to exercise and play with your cat.

3. Spend More Time Together

Everyone’s lives get a little busy sometimes, but you should always make time for your pet. A great resolution for pets is to simply spend more time together. Time is like money, and so much of our focus is on how we spend it, how we save it, and why we never seem to have enough of it. But, time is also like food — it’s how you feed the human-animal bond to make it stronger.

While daycare and other modern pet services can help ensure your pets receive proper exercise and interaction when you’re not around, there is simply no substitute for quality owner-pet time.

Want to bond more with your dog or cat? Like with any other relationship, just being there is the key. Spend more time snuggling and cuddling, play games, and go on adventures. If you have them near you, check out a dog park or a cat cafe. Whatever you do, take the time to give your pets the attention they need and deserve. You’ll become closer and maybe, just maybe, you’ll tackle those New Year’s resolutions together.