A dog mom and her pup update the TailTrax app.

5 Reasons to Download TailTrax Today

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With dogs, cats, and animals of all stripes building social media followings and online marketplaces generating millions in sales, it’s clear that the world of pet parenthood has gone digital. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to navigate. Even with smartphones in their pet care arsenals, dog and cat owners can easily get overwhelmed.

Providing pet parents with comfort, convenience, and a sense of community, the TailTrax® app is a one-stop-shop for all things pet parenthood. Read on to learn more about how TailTrax can help pet care novices and experts alike better provide for the happiness and health of their four-legged friends.

Keep Your Pet’s Information Handy

With TailTrax, you don’t have to worry about misplaced forms ever again. From veterinary records to microchip numbers to insurance claim information, the TailTrax app keeps all your pet’s vital information in one user-friendly location. The customizable dashboards make it easy to keep your pet’s digital world organized and enjoy low-stress trips to the veterinarian.

Get Pet Health Answers Any Time of Day

Pet health issues can happen at any time — whether or not your veterinarian’s office is open. For diet, behavioral, and wellness concerns, TailTrax offers access to the 24/7 Vet Helpline. Any time of day or night, call this team of veterinary professionals for insights and guidance on next steps. If your pet’s condition constitutes an emergency, they’ll offer tips on safely transporting your pet. For more benign symptoms, they can advise pet parents on basic first aid and help to alleviate everyone’s stress.

Looking for a veterinarian, specialist, or animal hospital in your area? TailTrax has you covered. The app’s database of locations helps users from coast to coast find the healthcare resources they need for cats and dogs of any age.

Find Pet-Friendly Locations and Pet-Essential Services

Whether you’re settling into a new home or welcoming home a new pet, you’ll need to do some research. TailTrax makes this process simple for dog and cat lovers in any ZIP code, identifying dog parks, pet stores, and other essentials.

Travel with Ease

Wherever you’re headed, TailTrax’s database of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants ensures you and your furry companions can enjoy a fun-filled trip. If you’ll be leaving your pet behind with friends, family, or a professional sitter, TailTrax takes some of the stress out of saying, ‘so long for now.’ Simply designate your pet’s new pal as one of their caregivers and the TailTrax app will ensure they have all the information and resources they need.

Join a Digital Community of Pet Lovers

Pet parenthood is all the more fun and rewarding when friends and family can experience key milestones and offer digital affection. Sharing pictures as Paw Posts connects you with a community of TailTrax users who are ready to swap pet care tips in addition to “tail wags.”

Put Your Pet’s World in Your Pocket

Download the TailTrax mobile application, set up your profile, and customize your dashboard today to join a pack of fellow dog and cat lovers and put your pet’s world in your pocket.