It’s the Perfect Time to Buy Pet Insurance

It’s the Perfect Time to Buy Pet Insurance

A dog gets their ears examined at a veterinary visit.A dog gets their ears examined at a veterinary visit.
A dog gets their ears examined at a veterinary visit.A dog gets their ears examined at a veterinary visit.

Table of Contents:

  1. Pet Adoption in the Age of COVID-19
  2. Pet Care Costs Are Rising
  3. Our Pets Are Living Longer
  4. Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet Adoption in the Age of COVID-19

While a few pets have come down with cases of COVID-19, experts do not believe that cats and dogs can transmit the virus to their owners. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts it, “there is no evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19.”

That’s good news, because adoption numbers have surged since COVID-19 reached pandemic status in March. In-person shelter visits may be limited, but that’s not stopping dog and cat lovers from fostering and adopting pets. All over the country, they’re breaking the monotony of quarantine by welcoming new family members into their homes.

All those new pets means lots of spending on everything from ID tags to insurance policies. Spending on pet insurance is expected to nearly double by 2022. It’s the perfect time to take a closer look at the plans available in your area.

Pet Care Costs Are Rising

Pet care isn’t getting any cheaper. Nationwide, essentials and emergency costs total around $70 billion every year. Medical costs alone average between $9,000 and $13,000 over the lifetime of a single pet. Whether you’re vaccinating a new puppy against common illnesses or nursing a senior cat’s chronic conditions, pet care will definitely make up a sizable piece of your budget.

Though insurance rates are on the rise for humans, coverage for pets remains reasonably priced. That’s especially true when pet parents select policies during their dog or cat’s early months. Purchasing a policy for a puppy or kitten can save you thousands in comparison to pet insurance for an older pet.

Our Pets Are Living Longer

In 2002, dogs and cats lived an average of 10.5 and 11 years, respectively. In 2016, the average dog reached 11.8 years of age and the average cat lived almost 13 years. Pet expert and author Laura Coffey discussed the trend with Reuters, noting that, “Dogs used to be considered geriatric at six or seven. But these days larger breeds can make it to 15 or 16, and smaller breeds can even live up to 20 years.”

More time with our pets is most definitely a good thing, but it can also mean years and years of both surprise and routine medical bills for uninsured pet parents. A quality pet insurance plan can alleviate the expenses that accumulate throughout your pet’s life and help ensure you never have to make the impossible decision between their health and your finances.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Still not convinced that now’s the time to buy pet insurance? Here are three more reasons to select a policy from PetPartners:

  • Peace of Mind: No pet insurance policy can prevent an injury or emergency, but any policy will make either event at least a little less stressful. PetPartners offers a range of plans that cover everything from broken bones to hereditary conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • 24/7 Access to Veterinary Support: VetDirect provides PetPartners policy holders with round-the-clock access to a team of veterinary technicians. If you need to separate red flags from red herrings, call or text PetPartners for support. While VetDirect can’t diagnose your pet’s health concerns, it can help put you on the right track for getting them on the mend.
  • A Community of Pet Lovers: When you purchase a PetPartners policy, you immediately become a member of the TailTrax community. TailTrax is a user-friendly app and one-stop-shop for all things pet care. With just the push of a button, TailTrax provides the tools you need to help keep your dog and cat happy and healthy. While pet parenthood is lots of work, the TailTrax community knows that it’s lots of fun too. Scroll through TailTrax and you’ll find photos, videos, and anecdotes from pet parents just like you.

Pet insurance can be a safety net for you and your pet,
helping your pet care budget go further.

Get a free quote from PetPartners today.

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