Pet Insurance: What It Covers & What It Doesn’t

Pet Insurance: What It Covers & What It Doesn’t

Pet owners can face a dilemma when it comes to offering their pets the best veterinary care. We all love our pets and want our pets to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible, but many times we have to make difficult choices due to the high cost of veterinary care. Unfortunately, pets get sick and accidents happen. Even the most cautious pet owner in the world who takes tremendous care of their beloved pet is susceptible to their pet falling ill or having an accident that requires an unexpected visit to the vet. Wouldn’t it be great when these unforeseen, unfortunate things happen to your pet if you could make the decisions regarding your pet’s health absent of the financial demands the care will cost you?

Good news! You can, with pet insurance.

Pet insurance is a somewhat new concept that is starting to gain more and more popularity as pet owners continue to learn about its one-of-a-kind value. How does pet insurance work? Pet insurance is similar to the health insurance we all have. Different providers will have different processes and methods, but for the most part, all pet insurance providers feature a similar structure. A pet owner will pay a monthly premium to an insurance provider. This premium is usually a reasonable price, ranging anywhere from $20-$45 per month. Then, varying based on the amount of your monthly premium, pet owners will have a set deductible. This number usually falls somewhere between $100-$300.

How it works is once your veterinary expenses for a year eclipses your deductible, your pet insurance provider will cover the remainder of your veterinary bill. With pet insurance, if your beloved puppy unexpectedly requires an $850 surgery, you no longer have to crunch numbers to decide whether you can afford to cough up the hefty sum to pay your veterinary bill. Instead, you would just pay up to your deductible, and your pet insurance provider takes care of the rest. How awesome is that?

Sound a little too good to be true? You may be thinking that there is a hidden catch. There isn’t. However, it is important to know what your pet insurance will cover. So we wanted to put together a quick guide to lay out some of the things that pet insurance covers, and some of the things that it doesn’t.

What Pet Insurance Covers

A common misconception about pet insurance is that it’s very limiting in its coverage. While pet insurance doesn’t cover every pet-related thing you can think of, it covers a great deal of stuff. Coverage typically includes:

What Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

As you learned above, pet insurance covers a whole lot of pet-related expenses. There are a few things that pet insurance won’t cover. They include:

Pet insurance is an excellent option for pet owners. Without having to stress about the high price of providing your pet with all the veterinary care they require, your pet will leave a happy and healthy life. And, you’ll live a happier life armed with the confidence that you’ll be able to provide your pet with care if an unforeseen illness or accident occurs. Want to learn more about pet insurance? Check out these articles that pertain to pet insurance for dogs, or these articles that relate to pet insurance for cats.

Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

Can you afford a $1,000 vet bill? Medical care for pets, including emergency care, diagnostic tests and treatment options, is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more expensive.

Did You Know? 4 out of 5 pets will have a medical emergency in their lifetime, and every six seconds a pet owner will face a veterinary bill of $1,000 or more.

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