Poll Results – Who Phones Their Dogs?

Poll Results – Who Phones Their Dogs?

We at PetPlace did a fun poll asking dog lovers this question:

When you are away, do you ever call your answering machine so your dog can hear your voice?

Here are the results:

When you are away, do you ever call your answering machine so your dog can hear your voice?

Yes, all the time        28%
Yes, occasionally        42%
No, never         30%

So…76% of you dog lovers call your dogs! That is very cool!

Here are some comments from our poll:


  • Mary wrote, “Talking to my standard poodle on the phone when I am away would be cruel. It would just be teasing him, and make him miss me all he more.”
  • Eddie Little wrote, “sometimes I call while watching his webcam just to get his attention, but I don’t talk to the answering machine. My wife also holds the phone up so I can talk to him.”
  • Susie wrote, “I find with our 14 dogs it just stresses them out to hear our voices while they bark and run around trying to find us. Kind of like a shark frenzie with no real bait. But we do miss them dearly and call our house/dog sitter every day. LOL”
  • Lula wrote, “I never have but I miss them a lot.”
  • Caryl Kerns wrote, “I can’t do it any longer since converted to voice mail…just have to rely on web cam”.
  • K.Smith wrote, “I call because I miss my baby very very much, but like some of the other commentators state, it’s sort of mean because my baby thinks I’m in the house with her.”
  • Wowlindaanne wrote, “I miss my shih tzu‘s very much and bring photos and little videos I have made of them but NEVER call them. I feel that it would be too cruel to them and I would never do anything intentionally to hurt them. As it is, my husband and I travel separately so when one of us is gone the other one is there for them. We love them as children and the top dog gets told that Mommy is going “away” and then she will “come back” (words they understand well) and I ask him to take good care of “Daddy” and he gets it and after I have told him that, he goes directly to my husband and goes into his arms. We have 4 and he is the leader so if he is OK the others will follow. Last time I was away though, it took one week to be forgiven !!
  • Laura wrote, “I have many animals and I am also a pet sitter, but my baby, Bullet, a 7lb Chihuahua X goes with me everywhere, even on my overnights pet sitting (most of the time) this year I left for 4 days, the longest I have been away from him, he was with my parents, I called and asked how he was, my mom said he wouldn’t come in, usually he goes out to play for 30 min. then comes in to take a nap for a few hours, but he stopped taking treats and taking naps, my mom had to force him to come in to go to sleep, well I told her to put him by the phone and put on the speaker, he started yelping, and crying which MADE ME CRY TOO, but after that I was told that he started coming in the house, taking naps and taking treats. Then the next trip a couple months later, I went to Denver and I took Bullet with me, we were there for a week but then from there I went to Philly for a few days and left him there, I kept him at Almeda East lodge, the place that is on Animal Planet emergency vets. He had the biggest cabin with a doggie door, bed, tv, web cam, the minute I got to my room the first thing I did was to go online to look at the web cam, logged in, the picture came on and I saw him, he was sitting on his bed howling, his nose was up in the air so high I thought he was going to fall over backwards, I watched him as much as I could and thats all he did, until he got tired and went to bed but I could tell every little noise there was he jumped up and looked at the door, probably thought I would come through it anytime, I also got him 3 1hr. play time with a group and he didnt play, he just ran around looking out the windows.. I will never do that again, my next trip to New Hampshire I booked my hotels and bed and breakfasts that are pet friendly….. Most of the dogs I watch are fine when I watch them when there parents are gone, I should say all but one, a Shih tzu, he acts like bullet. except bullet is fine without me for about 1 day.
  • Courtney wrote, “I take my puppy,Emma, with us on trips. But if we left her at home i would be on the phone with her 24/7. She is only 12 weeks old so we won’t leave her at home by herself for very long until she gets older. Emma is not the only thing i take care of. I am an animal sitter for my friends and my neighbors and some times she stays with my parents and some times she goes with me.”
  • Katie wrote, “I sometimes call my pooch Spanky at home. My praents say he cocks his head and leans back really far and then falls down!”
  • Libba wrote, “I agree with the dog owners who feel this only teases and confuses your dog. I would rather think she is resting or entertaining herself than to cause her anguish.”
  • J wrote, “I always travel with the dogs.”
  • Sue wrote, “Since my mom passed away, I make it a point to call home at least once a day and talk to my dog via the answering machine. She has to listen to the phone ring at least five times before the machine picks up and very quickly learned that when I say hi baby that I am talking to her from some place other than the house. That, along with setting the tv to turn on a couple of times a day, helps ease my mind that she is not “completely” alone now. I always tell her when I leave in the morning that ‘I will call and talk at you from work today’.”
  • Pam Poisson wrote, “I Used to call and talk to our rescued Akita Kesha, but after her death to bone cancer we got an Akita pup who is deaf as the breaders vet gave flagyl antibiotic to the nursing mother, resulting in 4 of the 6 pups being deaf. Kami does everything with handsignals and is a AKC Canine Good Citizen. He is a wonderful, beutiful, smart and typically stubborn Akita (at times).”
  • Cris wrote, “I always travel with our dog except when flying for more than 13 hours. If he stays at home is ´cause my husband is also there, but I use to phone and when he hears my voice he starts barking…I miss him more than anybody else. Members of my family know that he´s my priority.”


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