A Holiday Wish to You and Your Horse

T was the week before Christmas
And all through the farm
All the creatures were stirring
Even down at the barn.

T he stockings were hung
In the stable with care,
In the hope that some carrots
Would find their way there.

T he garland encircled
The fence post so merry
While the birds and the squirrels
gHad a snack on the berries.

T he horses were nestled
All snug in their stalls
While we toiled busily
Decking the halls.

T he boxes and bags
Were all flung in a pile
While they waited for wrapping,
Some assembly required.

T he shoppers, by now
Have all emptied the stores.
In search of the last gift,
And then, just one more.

T he traffic is snarled
And tempers are flaring,
In search of a parking space
Soon to be snaring.

S o like all the others
We drove to the mall.
While the horses stayed home
Busy eating their stalls.

M ore hay, now,
More bran mash,
More peppermint please!
If you don't feed us shortly,
We surely will freeze.

M ore carrots, more apples
More candy canes too.
With nobody riding
We've nothing to do.

I n brushes, in blankets
In holiday cheer,
In fur and in pitchforks,
I'm up to my ears!

I n cookies, in gift wrap
In cards and in trees,
In shopping, in cooking
I'm up to my knees!
In presents, in visits,
And parties besides,
Exhaustion has set in.
I've no time to ride!

"W e know,"
Said the horses.
"And in our defense,
That makes it YOUR fault
That we're chewing this fence."

B ut when all's said and done,
Here's the holiday plight:
If I eat all these goodies,
My chaps will be tight.

T was the week before Christmas
Just a few days to go…
I'll never be ready.
All we need now is snow.

F rom Topaz, from Kismet
And from PetPlace, too,
May your Christmas be merry,
And joyous for you!