Foot and Mouth Disease in Horses

Foot and Mouth: The News From Great Britain

This is the least of the problems. Piles of animals are burning, valuable bloodlines have been lost. All the National Forests closed, river ways closed, agriculture of all kinds from Great Britain is shunned. Worse yet – it may be spreading.

Foot and Mouth Disease Facts


Foot and Mouth Disease is a highly contagious viral disease that affects cloven-hooved animals, but does NOT affect horses or people. Horses, however, can carry the disease on their hooves, their tack, or equipment used by them. For this reason, equine events in Great Britain, where FMD continues to rage, have largely been canceled. Foot and Mouth Disease causes economic devastation once it enters a country. If you have recently visited Great Britain or any other country plagued by FMD, do your best for our country – comply with all regulations imposed by the United States, and don't try to bring in any meat products or other products that might be infected with FMD. We've been free of FMD for many years – let's try to keep it that way!