How to Fireproof Your Barn

There are few structures more flammable than a barn. Between the typical wood construction, the hay, straw or wood shavings used for bedding, the blankets, leg wraps, and saddle pads, the inevitable cobwebs, and the dust and particles in the air, most barns are a three-alarm fire waiting to erupt.

Fire prevention is more than hanging a "no smoking" sign on the door. It requires a comprehensive approach – from identifying the hazards to taking every possible precaution. Some of the measures described below are required by your local building codes. Others may be considered optional but will buy you both peace of mind and maybe even a break on insurance premiums.

The best time to think about fire safety is before you build your barn. When you incorporate fire prevention ideas in the design of your structure you can save yourself a lot of grief. Here are some suggestions:


In the Barn

Other Tips