How to Tame a Bucking Bronco

Bucking is an unpleasant habit that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable if the result is a loose horse and an injured rider. Bucking shouldn't be tolerated because it will almost certainly lead to a dangerous situation.

Why A Horse Bucks

What You Can Do

Whatever the exact reason, bucking is a habit that must be severely discouraged. Here are some steps Hugi and Houpt suggest you take:

In general, there is no reason to employ physical punishment in horses. Use techniques of positive reinforcement to modify behavior. This many take patience to work with the horse outside the regular training schedule. This process of retraining can be highly rewarding. Physical punishment is more often damaging and ultimately creates bad behaviors.

Painless Behavioral Modification

In her address to the AAEP in Nov., 2000, Sue McDonell, Ph.D., an animal behaviorist from the University of Pennsylvania, made several points about behavioral modification in horses that apply here.

To achieve these goals in the context of a bucking horse, you will need patience and an open area to work in.

Know When to Get Professional Help

Bucking may begin in a light-hearted way but it can quickly develop into a serious vice. If you're having no success curbing this problem, get help from a professional horse trainer or equine behavior specialist. Don't allow your horse to turn into a bucking bronco.