Safe Fencing for Your Horse

Selecting appropriate fencing for a horse farm can be tricky. The type of fencing you purchase depends on factors such as cost, maintenance, safety, aesthetics, the size of the land that will be enclosed and how long you expect the fence to last. No single type of fence will meet all these needs, so you should identify your fencing goals, such as cost, looks and strength, before going shopping. Write them down, and construct a list of pros and cons.

Popular Types of Fencing

Materials Used Less Often

Choose Wisely

When purchasing a fence, identify your needs and your budget, and seek advice from your local extension agent. Make sure your fencing and posts are installed correctly. Along with the choice of fence, make a careful choice of the place you're fencing in. By proceeding thoughtfully and carefully, you'll have a fence ideally suited for your horses' needs and your lifestyle.