Eddie had such a great time at the beach this summer, but all the fun in the sun led to an annoying bout of dermatitis. Anne Stauff discusses the benefits of going to a groomer and taking your vet’s advice.

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After a long 18 months of lockdown, we splurged and rented a house at the beach. We had a small, fenced-in backyard, and Eddie was in heaven running around back there. We were also next door to a bird and butterfly sanctuary, and some of the funniest moments of the summer were watching Eddie chase them around. Eddie and I also started a new routine: walk in the morning before it got too hot and take a shorter walk in the evening when it’s cooler. Eddie needs to avoid the heat, because I just discovered that she actually has 2 coats of fur: a regular coat and an undercoat.

A Trip to the Groomer

After having this revelation, I made an appointment for Eddie’s summer shave, which is a necessity because it keeps Eddie much cooler and she absolutely loves it.

Unfortunately, trying to find a dog groomer after the world got new puppies was a HUGE CHALLENGE. I also just discovered that dog haircuts cost way more than human haircuts! Luckily, I found a place 10 minutes from our new house and was greeted by the groomer and their hot pink-mohawked dog. It took every ounce of self-control NOT to do the same thing to Eddie!

Because of her breed, Eddie gets a lot of hot spots, so heat, moisture, dirt, and sand all exacerbate her condition. Thank heavens for the Summer Shave! The medicated shampoo and conditioner the groomer uses have always been so helpful. The vet also recommended an antihistamine since Eddie has been itching quite a bit lately. Let me tell you, Eddie on Benadryl is HILARIOUS! She was out like a light by 7pm! It also helped relieve the itching.

Fun in the Sun

Eddie also got to enjoy the man-made lake near our new house this summer. Since many of our friends also got puppies during the pandemic, we tried to meet once a week with our dogs to hike, walk, play, and gossip. It was a wonderful experience for all of us!

The lake is where Eddie learned to swim and fetch sticks in the water. I wish I could take credit, or say that I used some sort of training method to teach her these tricks, but the truth is she watched all the other dogs and just joined in.

As summer drew to a close, we started packing up AGAIN. This time, both kids were going off to college. I was preparing to become an “empty nester,” with Eddie being my new toddler! We had a little 1st birthday party for Eddie before the kids went back to school with fun party hats and cookies. My husband complained that his was “really bland,” and that’s when we all realized he ate one of Eddie’s cookies. Luckily, we had extra dog cookies, so Eddie didn’t miss out!

After getting everyone off to school, we finally moved into our new place. Thankfully, we’ll be here for a while, but not having kids at home has been weird for all of us, Eddie included. We’ll dive into that subject next time…

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