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Caring for Your Iguana

Thinking of getting an iguana? Here’s a starter list of the supplies you will need, courtesy of Colorado Reptile Rescue:

Basic Setup

Keep in mind that your iguana will grow to be 4 to 6 feet in a relatively short time. Investing in a larger cage now will save the expense of replacing a cage he has outgrown. You will need to give your iguana 12 to 14 hours of daylight, followed by another 10 to 12 hours of full dark.

Daytime temperatures should range from 95 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in the basking spot to 85 F in the cool spot. Humidity should be at least 60 percent, preferably 89 to 90 percent. UVB light is essential for your iguana to metabolize calcium, so you will need to provide a UVB bulb. A hide box that provides privacy is also important, at least until your pet feels more secure in his new home. Branches and vines for climbing will afford exercise for your pet, and will benefit his psychological health.