How to Breed Your Lizard

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Most lizard eggs hatch in about 55 days. For live-bearing lizards, like the night lizards or blue-tongued skinks, provide a secluded area where the female can give birth to her young without fear of predation by another lizard. (Most lizards aren't too picky about what tiny animals they consume.) Female may become very aggressive toward cagemates and their keeper before, during and after partuition. Make certain you have an adequate supply of tiny insects available when the young are born or emerge from their eggs. You can buy hatchling crickets and wingless fruit flies from cricket supply houses, but your delivery date will be at least one day, maybe longer, after you order. Some pet stores stock fly-sized crickets, which may be large enough for some of the insectivorous lizards. Provide a variety of insects for the babies.


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