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Unusual Pets – The Pac Man Frog

Legend has it that once the aptly nicknamed “Pac Man” frog bites you, she won’t let go until sundown, and that the bite is fatal.

Fortunately, neither is true, but the ornate horned frog does have a mean bite. Just like the computer icon, this frog is ready to gobble everything in its path, and will bite cage mates, siblings, even its human handler.

The Pac Man frog has an appropriately grumpy appearance to go along with his nasty temper. This is one of the larger species of frogs, with females bigger than the male.

The ornate horned frog is originally from temperate southern South America. Providing its quarters are kept sparkling clean and its diet well rounded, the ornate horned frog is a very easily kept, hardy, and long-lived frog. Captive life spans of more than 10 years have been reported and keeping one for 15 or more years is probably an attainable goal.

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