10 Cool Toys for Your Ferret

Ferrets are wonderful and silly pets. They love to play and can keep their owners laughing for hours. Here are some toys to keep your ferret playful and happy.

Ferret Treat Tumbler

This interactive toy has a place to hide treats. Put it on the floor and watch your ferret go crazy! Made by SuperPet.

Climb-N-Sail Ferret Boat

Give your ferret a toy he can use to climb, crawl and hide. This will give your ferret hours of fun. Made by Pet Zone.

Mouse in a Cage

This toy has a life like mouse safely trapped in a rolling toy. Watch your ferret chase it around while trying to get at the mouse.


Fill this ball with treats and watch your ferret chase and bat the ball all day. Made by Super Pet.

Ferret Run Around Ball

This ball can offer loads of fun either attached to tunnels or allowed to roll on the floor. Made by Super Pet.