10 Cool Toys for Your Small Mammal

10 Cool Toys for Your Small Mammal

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If your hamster is getting bored with tunnels or your gerbil is tired of that dull wheel, consider one of these toys.


Are you looking for an innovative and interactive toy? Try the Tug-N-Tumble for lots of fun.

Hamster Balls

This toy gives your pet a safe place to play. Watch him scoot all over the house after one of these balls.

Pet Igloo

This translucent igloo provides your pet a place to play as well as hide. Made by Super Pet.

Fiddle Sticks

These bendable flexible sticks can be placed into a variety of shapes. Made from wood, they encourage chewing to keep your pet’s teeth trim. Made by Super Pets.

Speed Streak & Dragster

If the plain pet ball is not your style, consider a dragster. Let your little pet race all around the house in this toy.

Garden Salad Wooden Bites

Give your pet a special chew treat. These vegetable shapes toys are made for hours of chewing and fun.


This bark log attaches to tunnels to provide a safe hiding place and play area. Several sizes are available to fit a variety of pets. Made by Super Pets.


Made of natural grass, this nest provides a cozy hiding place. Watch your pet use the grass to make a special nest just for him. Made by Super Pets.

Workout Wheel

If your pet is tired of the standard metal wheel, get him this plastic digital wheel to track his progress. Find out just how much he really does run all night!

Hide-N-Sail Little Critter Boat

Place this on the floor and watch your pet climb and crawl all over it. With little cubby spaces, your pet can spend all night trying to figure this one out. Made by Pet Zone.

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